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Official website of "Star Express" Dance-Show under the direction of Vladimir and Olga Andryuhins
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Video of the choreography and dance shows of Starlight Dance Company (Russia)



 DemoClip for Antalya 2012

   DemoClip for Antalya 2014

Tricolor (patriotic number in a sport style) 

 Rhapsody in Blue (G. Gershvin)


Latina Mix


Venetian carnival

Retro dancing, 30th-40th of the last century 

 The Ball

 Flowers - Butterflies

Brazilian Carnival  (video clip)

 In Chinese Style




Tango Milonga (solo) 




Costa  Luminosa  Show     Demo 

Let's  Face  the  Music  and  Dance


  What  a  Wonderful  World

         Jive  Bunny

Johann Strauss - Waltz




 "Chess" and

"Mission Impossible"